Cable tray support spacing

Support locations for cable ladder fittings and cable tray fittings. Addresses shipping, handling, storing, and installation of metal cable tray systems. Ancillaries service containment such as duct, pipework and cable laddertray can be supported using a number of products from big foot systems ancillaries range. Individual rungs will support without collapse a 200 lb. This standard specifies the requirements for nonmetallic cable trays and. Cable tray and cable management nema catalog eaton. Hazardous voltages in electrical equipment can cause severe personal injury or death. This seems like a simple question, but i cannot seem to find the answer in the 2008 nec. Cable ladder and cable tray systems including channel support systems and other associated supports 7 electromagnetic compatibility a systems ability to neither radiate nor conduct electromagnetic energy in such a manner as to cause unwanted effects equipotential bonding electrical connection maintaining various exposedconductiveparts. Class design load design support spacing maximum design load for maximum associated support spacing mp husky manufacturers cable tray in accordance with nema standards publication ve12009 and csa standard c22. The electrical contractor ordered a tray 6 inches wide by 4 inches deep, with 9inch rung spacing. Vertical straight cable tray support spacing i could not find the clause in nema ve2 that states the maximum support interval. To maintain the loaddeflection figures stated in the tables, the couplers should not be located in end spans or over support locations.

The acceptance and use of the eiatia569 commercial building standard for telecommunications pathways and spaces by architects and engineers has proven the importance of a carefully designed and maintained cable support system. Learn more about the newest addition to the cablofil cable tray products. Universal tray supports are different from laborintensive traditional methods fabricated with ceiling brackets, strut channels, cantilever arms, and various hardware. Spacings of supports for cables in accessible positions. Support spanssupport span is the distance between the supports. In the case of electrical products such as cable tray or ladder which are load rated in kilograms per metre, the span is the distance between support points, separate from the overall length of the tray or ladder itself. Allows the divider to run through any horizontal tray. We manufacture cable trays in the following thicknesses 1. Minimally 400% increased support, and cable strain is reduced up to 65% ul rated polymer installs in a fraction of the time as traditional metal barriers. When independent wires are used in firerated assemblies, they must be distinguishable from. The support is designed for installation without roof penetrations, flashings or damage to the roofing material. Maximum pipe support spacing should be as per chart 1, row 3 page 312.

The acceptance and use of the eiatia569 commercial building standard for telecommunications pathways and spaces by architects and engineers has proven the importance of a carefully designed and maintained cablesupport system. Two basic beam configurations may be found in a typical installation, namely fixed beams and continuous beams. Cable trays will support, without collapse, a 200 lb. Cable trays shall be fixed onto standard steel shapes, welded to steel structures or fixed on to concrete structures with selfdrilling dowels. Cable tray installation guidelines download now legrand. Designed to protect lightweight modern roofs, these offer a range of benefits including cost and timeeffective installation and improved system aesthetics without penetrating the roof. Vertical straight cable tray support spacing electric.

The cable tray should be anchored at the support nearest to its. This regulation precludes, for example, the use of nonmetallic cable clips or cable ties as the sole means of support where cables are clipped direct to exposed surfaces or suspended under cable tray, and the use of nonmetallic cable as the sole means of support of the cables therein. Cable tray systems shall be permitted to support serviceentrance conductors. Basket tray features a high strength steel wire welded into a 2.

Overview of support systems for cable and equipment cabling. Cope cable tray solutions for your infrastructure requirements welcome to our new products catalog. With one exception, the specifier selects the rung spacing that he or she feels is the most desirable for the installation. Install cable tray support using a prefabricated flange or gi channel. The cable tray institute cti was founded in 1991 to support the cable tray industry by engaging in research, development, education, and the dissemination of information designed to promote, enhance, and increase the visibility of the industry.

The short grid spacing allows you to install small diameter cables without any sagging. Install and support cable management system in accordance with one of the following. Certifications and compliances requirements for cable supports in the national electrical code reads as follows. Any installed cable ladder, cable tray or channel support system can be considered structurally as a loaded beam see fig. Load over span considerations ezystrut cable ladder, tray. Cable management cable tray cable ladder rack eaton. The maximum height according to manufacturer catalogue it is 20 ft. This classification is based on the working load the total weight of the cables, and the support span the distance between supports. Universal tray supports can be attached to ceiling, wall, threaded rod, or cable hanging systems to support all possible project requirements and additional cable capacity. Download now for a product quick selection guide and overview of the offering. This complete catalog is designed for ease of use and to provide the basic information needed to select the proper cable tray system for your needs. Cable support systems in the international world it is not uncommon to use either the cable tray or ladder to be used as a means to directly mount lighting fixtures to the support structure. Cspah3606l126 series 3 aluminum hbeam 6 inch side rail height 6 inch width ladder 12 inch rung spacing 6 meters length.

Smooth edge eliminates any sharp corners that could injure your installers or damage cables. Cable tray may be filled to 40% 50% 60% 100% of total fill capacity. Splice plate ladder side rails must be supported once within each of the 3 hatched areas 3000mm 120 max. The loads which a horizontal cable tray or ladder will be subjected to are shown in fig. The distinctive slot pattern on swifts cable tray provides installers with total flexibility. Cable trays are available in different sizes as per the customer specifications. This article is intended only as a practical guide for installers and its intent is not to cover all the possible contingencies. Type mc cable fittings are permitted as a means of cable support. Cable tray ladder support system provides secure, straight run rack support and protection for coaxial. Bearers shall be spaced evenly along the length of the bundle.

Conduit is used to protect electrical wire and cabling from the elements. Support cable tray for vertical tray should provide secure means, other than friction, for fastening the tray to the support. Cablofil wire mesh tray and sup ports are designed to support any cable load allowed by the. Below drawing shows how to install cable tray and its support system. The construction of wbts shaped tray eliminates stress and pressure point on todays high speedperformance cabling media. Safely installing, maintaining and inspecting cable trays. Large retail and warehouse installations use cable tray to support their data communication cable systems. Overview of support systems for cable and equipment. Cable trays support cables across open spans in the same way that.

For purposes of selecting a suitable tray, this weight should be rounded off to the next higher nema working allowable load. Ancillaries service containment such as duct, pipework and cable ladder tray can be supported using a number of products from big foot systems ancillaries range. Horizontal runs of type ac cable installed in wooden or metal framing members or similar supporting means shall be considered supported where such support does not exceed 1. Safely installing, maintaining and inspecting cable trays osha. Manufacturers of cable tray systems provide a wide range of parts and typical support methods, as well as detailed installation guides and tables for appropriate supports and support spacing for cable trays. The cable tray is designed to support electrical cable runs, at any specified height or width. The exception is that 9 inches is the maximum allowable rung spacing for a ladder cable tray supporting any 10 through 40 single conductor cables see section 392.

Each system is supported by a fully integrated range of time saving fixings and fittings that make it quick and easy to install, both internally and externally. Following are the steps to be done for laying cables on wall mounted cable tray. Using cable trays as walkways can cause personal injury and also damage cable tray and installed cables. The spacing stated for horizontal runs may also be applied to runs at an angle. Special bracketryis designed for various brands of products to be supported in this fashion. According to the cable tray institute, an association of companies involved in the development of cabletray systems, 9 inches is the most common rung spacing for ladder cable tray, which may be used to support all sizes of cables. Vertical straight cable tray support spacing electric power. Cable tray must be supported on spans shorter than or equal to the length of the cable tray being installed. With unmatched quality and service, we offer a variety of styles, materials and finishes available to support virtually any commercial and industrial cable. It would be impossible to have the wiring system flexibility they need with a conduit wiring system. Center hung tray supports allow for quicker and easier cable installation by allowing cables to be deposited into tray systems from each side. Values are based on simple beam tests per nema ve 1 on 36 wide cable tray with rungs spaced on 12 centers.

This cable tray support system drawing has isometric view and crosssectional view. Aluminum cable trays, cable tray ladder rack, cable runway. Distance between fixing points and cable tray support spacing shall be a maximum of three meter for ladder type tray and two meter maximum for perforated tray so as to avoid strain on cable trays. Select trapeze member using the total weight on the trapeze and the length of trapeze required to fit the. Vertical straight cable tray support spacing 7anoter4 electrical 2 dec 11 09.

Where shorter length products are packed in bundles, they shall be supported with a minimum of two timber bearers which provide sufficient clearance to accommodate the forks of a forklift truck. Size cable tray to accomodate future cabling changes or additions. Trough cable tray is generally used for moderate heat generating applications with short to intermediate support spans of 5 feet to 12 feet. Self standing support for cable tray shall be made of steel channel vertically nstalled and supported with concrete foundation, anchor bolt grouting, etc. Ladder cable tray, ventilated cable tray, solidtrough cable tray. Installation guide unitray cable tray systems, support. Extra long span, over 20 foot to 30 foot support spacing use 24 or 30 foot. Best practice guide to cable ladder and cable tray systems.

The project i am working on has perforated cable tray already installed and i need to ensure the cable calculations account for this reduced factor. Typical details for cable tray installation and support system. Where the number of currentcarrying conductors in a raceway or cable exceeds three, or where single conductors or multiconductor cables are installed without maintaining spacing for a. Do not use a cable tray as a walkway, ladder, or support for people. Cablofil cable trays offer leading cable ladder trays for innovative cable management. The nema classifications for cable tray were established to simplify and standardize the specification of cable tray. Cable trays, gi perforated cable trays, manufacturer. We are installing enhanced category 5 cable throughout a project. Is anyone aware of any publicationsguides which would help me carry out this calculation. According to the cable tray institute, an association of companies involved in the development of cable tray systems, 9 inches is the most common rung spacing for ladder cable tray, which may be used to support all sizes of cables. The loading and deflection tables for unistrut cable tray assume that the couplers are located at the most onerous position within the span i.

Whether you need emt or galvanized conduit for basic applications, liquidtight flexible conduit for damp or dusty locations, or corrosion resistant pvc coated components for harsh environments. For the first time we offer our complete line of cope cable tray products in a single catalog. Either style, p1100 series or p2558 series can be used. There is a maximum load capacity per hanger of 318 kg 700 lbs to 340 kg 750 lbs with a maximum support spacing of 3. At the bottom of runs, they should be supported at the top of the elbow and with in the hatch area. Support points are often trapezes suspended from threaded rod, cantilever brackets, or other strut systems. Making changes to the tray spacing is not an option available to me. Best practice guide to cable ladder and cable tray. Find product information quickly and easily with the 2016 17 cablofil. Cable tray and ladder systems as the industry leader in cable tray, eaton offers one of the widest ranges of bline series cable management solutions available in the market today. The size, length and intervals of the support to be as per the specification.

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