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They are in the signature stained redwood looking finish and look and sound amazing. Measurements taken in the anechoic chamber at canadas national research council can be found through this link. Designed to raise focals 800 v series bookshelf speakers to the correct height for proper imaging and. Nie jest to jednak zaden wiarus, jak chociazby zastapione przez.

I currently have a pair of focal chorus 814v towers and the matching center channel. For focal, chorus symbolizes one of the most stimulating challenges for. Focal chorus s 700 stands for focal chorus 705 and 706. Measurements i measured the focal chorus 807v with its grille removed. I auditioned nearly the complete focal 800 series at a dealer, and i was truly impressed. The 807 w is a version of the standard chorus 807 that replaces that models polyglass woofer cone with one constructed using the same wcone technology found in focals far more expensive electra and. Combined with our w combined with our w cone, the chorus 807 v w. Shelf focal chorus 806v speaker systems are designed for work in small rooms. Chorus 705 v chrorus 706 v chorus 807 v chorus 714 v chorus 716 v 806 v 816 v description. The polyglass cone has been a focal tradition for the. These attractive little french loudspeakers have pleasingly chamfered cabinet edges, with a mm polyglass bassmid driver and a 25mm aluminium and. In the final audition, the sales person was using a cd supplied by focal for demoing the speakers 836v.

I had previously chorus 807v because the room where i listen to music is limited in size, but the sound did not suit me too much metal, lack. Focal chorus 705v havana enceintes compactes sur son. I am selling these amazing speakers for a friend who is the original owner. Hi guys i need your help to choose a couple of new speakers for the surround channel of a 5. Focal, which used to be known as jmlab, is frances leading hifi speaker system manufacturer and is proud of the fact that it continues to make even its less costly chorus range products in france.

The focal chorus 705 is an attractive bookshelf speaker sporting a 1 inverted dome tweeter and 5 polyglass midwoofer in a compact ported enclosure. View the focal chorus 726 v manual for free or ask your question to other focal chorus 726 v owners. Focal rates the sensitivity of the chorus 726v speakers at a rather high 91. Focal chorus 726 rosewood enceinte colonne boulanger. Cables, power, tweaks, speakers, accessories dbtfree forum. A pair of highclass drivers is used in them a 7 inch woofer and 25mm 1 tweeter with the inverted dome. Focal america manufacturer of high quality car audio. The chorus 807v is a frontported, twoway speaker with a 1 tnv aluminummagnesium inverteddome tweeter and a 7 polyglasscone woofer. Focal america manufacturer of high quality mobile audio speakers, subwoofers, amplifiers, and other audiophile accessories. While not sold in big box retail stores nor shipping internetdirect to consumers, focal has built and maintained a solid reputation in the audiophile community by offering top tier sound quality. The chorus 807 v w is a 2way speaker packed with character. Its voltage sensitivity on the tweeter axis was significantly higher than the. They have twoway construction and bassreflex loading with the port on the. Improve the performance of your chorus 806v or 807v speakers.

View and download focal 800 v serie user manual online. Focal americas daniel jacques explained to me that the tweeter voicecoil is attached midway along the dome rather than on the periphery, as in most tweeters. We offer a great selection of speakers and bookshelf speakers products by focal. But, for this price point and even above this price point, in some cases, these emp cant be beat. Help focal chorus 816v dimensions inroom placement. Hi, i am in the final stage of researching an upgrade for the front two three speakers for my ht and have narrowed the choices between the monitor audio silver rx6 and the focal chorus. One of the largest manufacturers of speaker systems in the world, focaljmlab form the french city saintetienne, always showed a rigorous approach to the. The chorus 807 v is a goodlooking, twoway speaker, the only equipped with a 7 18cm woofer, has the true spirit of the legendary db19. A perfect example of just how good entrylevel loudspeakers have become is the focal chorus 706v. W tym towarzystwie chorus 807v jest nie tylko najwiekszy, ale i najstarszy. The focal chorus 807v is an attractive and revealing loudspeaker of very low coloration and high versatility that gave me hours of enjoyment with a wide range of program material. View and download focal chorus ic 706 v user manual online. Focal chorus 706 new or focal chorus 806v avforums.

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